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Your Host:

Ana WorkmanCEO of Absolute Therapy, LLC.

A company devoted to helping speech therapists create a stress free career and feel valued by becoming a six figure SLP.

In This Webinar, You'll Get Exposed to:

  • The Masterplan To Make Six Figures As A School SLP In 90 Days
  • ​The Steps To Increase Your Salary And Become a Speech Boss
  • ​How to find your $100K School District and Establish Your Rate
  • ​What to look for in a Contract and Binding Agreement
  • The 3 Secrets To Living Life On Your Own Terms
  • ​How to Decode the Gatekeepers

Hear From My Students, Kayla And Donna, As They Share With You How My Coaching As Helped Them Achieve Success 

In one day, Kayla learned how to increase her income as an SLP.

Donna has been feeling lost.After one conversation with Ana, she now sees her bigger picture.

This Webinar Is For You If:

  • You’re an SLP and you want to create a better financial future for your Children and family members but have no clue where to start…
  • You’re trying to find the best way to grow your money but are scared of falling for yet another “guru” on the Internet who’s trying to sell you their ‘get-rich-quick’ program
  • ​You want to make your money work for you and create financial security and freedom.
  • ​You’re scared of never being able to retire fully…
  • ​You’re fearful of losing money

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